One of the essentials you must have in your home before summer kicks in is an air conditioning system. You must ensure that the AC is ready for summer so it can keep you cool as the temperature outside rises. Before the hot days make their way to you, make sure you identify any possible sign of air conditioner failure and get them resolved. Here are some of the most common AC issues you should look out for.

Clogged Air Filter

One of the most common issues with AC units that have been sitting idle for a while is the clogged air filter. If you notice a reduced flow of air, you likely have a clogged filter. Having a clogged filter can make it difficult for your AC to cool your house and significantly drive up your utility bills. Before starting your AC during the summers, take the filter out and inspect it. You can also try shining a light through the filter to see if it passes. If the filter is clogged, clean it thoroughly, or change it, if required.

Low Refrigerant

Similarly, refrigerant levels can also go down over time, mostly because of minor leaks in the AC unit. Refrigerants are responsible for removing the air’s heat and humidity, so if it is low, your AC may not cool your house as efficiently. To fix this issue, contact a reliable technician. They will find the leaks, repair the holes, and then refill the refrigerant. Avoid doing this on your own as it can cause more damage.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils located on the outdoor unit of the AC gets rid of the heat generated by the AC. It can collect a lot of dirt and debris that can push your AC to work harder due to lying idle. 

So, come summer, just open the condenser coil unit and inspect it. If it is dirty, clean it thoroughly to remove the dust and grime so that it can function properly.

Fan Problems

Old AC units are especially susceptible to fan problems, generally due to fault motor, lack of lubrication, worn-out belts, or too much dirt. If you notice that your AC fan is making a lot of noise, or if the airflow is limited, this is likely the reason. Contact a technician to have it checked.

Leaking Lines

The air conditioner lines are responsible for directing the air to various parts of your house and can get damaged during the winters and develop leaks. The easiest way to spot holes in the AC lines is to run your hand over the pipes throughout the house or see if the airflow in each room is consistent. If you spot a leak, contact a technician to repair it at the earliest. 

Like any other appliance and device in your house, the air conditioner requires regular maintenance too. Call our HVAC specialists in Edmonton to make sure your AC is in the best working condition and isn’t giving you any troubles.n, contact us at 780-451-5666.