The importance of a water heater, especially when the winter powerfully sets in, cannot be overemphasized. This water is used for bathing, washing utensils, etc. However, if the system fails to provide hot water, it can cause severe discomfort. Here are the five most common water heater problems that cause the water to turn cold.

1) Less Capacity, Higher Demand

The most obvious water heater problem for why you are not receiving hot water is that the heating system may not have enough hot water. This generally happens when the water heater capacity fails to meet your household need or if your usage has suddenly increased than usual. You must always ensure that the water heater’s capacity matches the demand for hot water required by your household daily.

2) Temperature Setting

If your shower is warm but not hot enough, then this could be because your water heating system is not set on hot temperature. Ensure to set the system at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature ensures that you get enough hot water and prevents you from severe burns and scalds. If you are not able to adjust the temperature on your own, seek technical assistance.

3) Sediment Build-Up

Sediment build-up is an issue that is bound to happen at some point. The build-up majorly depends upon the source of your water and how hard is the water you receive. These sediments settle at the bottom of the tank, which reduces the water heater’s storage capacity. This is one common reason why you run out of hot water from your system.

4) Faulty Shower Mixing Valve

The shower mixing valve is responsible for mixing hot and cold water to give you the appropriate shower temperature of water for usage. These valves may be incorrectly positioned or under regular wear and tear, causing breakage and leaks, leading to cold showers. It is better to inspect and replace the shower mixing valve to enjoy hot water comfort in such cases.

5) Broken Dip Tube

The dip tube is responsible for transferring cold water to the tank’s bottom to heat the water for your usage. However, this tube can get brittle and cause cold water to collect at the top of the water tank, leading to cold showers in your bathroom. This issue is more prevalent in old tank-based water heaters. If you face this issue, ensure to call a professional to get it rectified.

Receiving cold showers is not a significant issue and can be easily treated if you address the problem well in time. For any water heater problem in Edmonton, get in touch with Capital Plumbing and Heating. We have our expertise in fixing every issue related to a water heater. We work on quality and reliability. Contact us today!