Tankless water heaters are highly efficient and a great way to maintain your budget as they use less energy. This reduces your energy bills; hence they are a good investment. Although very durable, there are specific common problems with tankless water heaters that you may face; here are some of them.

Mineral Buildup

The water supply to your house contains dissolved minerals. Every time you use the water heater, some of these minerals accumulate in the heating system. Whether you have a traditional or a tankless water heater, you need to keep a watch on mineral buildup inside the heater. Hard water is water with high mineral content, and the harder your water, the higher will be the damage due to mineral buildup. This depends on the source of your water supply. One easy way to avoid this is to flush your water heater every six months.

Ignition Failure

There are several reasons your water heater could fail to ignite. The gas supply may cause this issue. If the water valves or gas valve are not fully opened, this could also cause the ignition to fail. You need to open and check these valves to make sure there is no restriction. Even after this, if your issue persists, then it could be severe damage. In such a case, it is best to resort to a professional for help. If in Edmonton, Capital Plumbing and Heating can be your best bet.


There are sporadic cases of corrosion in tankless water heaters. But if it does occur, it could lead to serious trouble. If the water heater doesn’t properly vent out exhaust gases from the heat exchanger, it can cause the heat exchanger to corrode, and this can be potentially harmful to your house. The water heater can also develop leaks in the heat exchanger, causing the escaping water to erode the system. Whenever you notice corrosion, it is best to call for professional help to replace it.

Vent or Exhaust Blockage

A blockage on the air supply or exhaust system poses problems for your water heater. It would be best if you inspected all vent pipes to ensure they are appropriately connected and free from puncture holes. A blocked vent can cause overheating and chock the water heating system, whereas a blocked air supply can cause combustion or ignition problems. Therefore it is essential to thoroughly examine all vents that lead outside your home to ensure everything is free from blockage.

Flame Failure

A flame failure error message on a tankless water heater is mainly due to a gas pressure issue or an electrical fault. It is better to eliminate the easy fixes first, such as the natural gas being turned off or an empty propane tank. If this is not the case, then there could be a more complicated problem. That’s when you should consider contacting technical support for help with troubleshooting the issue further. 

While some of these problems can be eliminated at home, the other issues will require a repair professional. If in Edmonton, Capital Plumbing and Heating will be your best pick. Contact us now!