Having a frozen air conditioning unit on a hot summer afternoon is one odd situation. The cooling and overall efficiency are affected when your air conditioner freezes up. Air Conditioner Ice Buildup can cause irreparable damage to the overall cooling system affecting its entire functionality.

Air Conditioner Ice Buildup is one of the major reasons why your AC may not be working properly. We are here to enlighten you on the causes of air conditioning units freezing up.

Restricted Air Flow:

The major reason for Air Conditioner Ice Buildup is the restricted air flow. Ice begins to accumulate both inside and outside of the air conditioner without the proper air being able to flow over the evaporator coil. The temperature easily drops below the freezing point in such a situation.

We only get to notice the outside unit being frozen but there are high chances of our inside unit being blocked with ice as the evaporator coil that lays on top of the furnace is not visible. R-22 refrigerant cools your home by making indoor coils cold with the warm air blowing over it. Change your filter and clean it regularly to prevent the situation of Air Conditioner Ice Buildup. It is important to note that if the furnace filter of your air conditioner is clean, the evaporator coil may be clogged with hair, dirt. etc.

Dirty or clogged Air Filters:

The main functionality of an air conditioner is to attain a cooling effect by circulating the home’s internal air with the help of a cooled evaporator coil. Air filters are aptly placed on the vents to protect them from dust, debris, and other such contaminants that get into the air conditioner. In case of clogging of these filters, an efficient air flow and cooling effect to the evaporator coil is not attained. The disordered process of heat transfer results in the lowered internal temperatures making way for ice buildup in the entire system. After a certain period of time, freezing can be witnessed in the external components of the air conditioner as well. If the return vents are blocked that happens due to incorrect placement of the furniture also disrupts the overall airflow resulting in Air Conditioner Ice Buildup. To avoid clogging of filters, make sure to replace filters once every three months.

Low Refrigerant Levels:

The main function of the refrigerant liquid in AC is to facilitate the heat transfer process to cool your home. AC units are designed in a certain way to work effectively and efficiently with a certain volume of refrigerant liquid. Your AC cannot function optimally if the refrigerant levels drop drastically. The system also freezes up in case of a reduced internal pressure leading to a temperature drop. The main cause of low refrigerant levels is the leaks due to damaged coils or refrigerant piping issues.

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