One of the most crucial appliances in your house is a decent water heater. In fact, hot water is a daily requirement for everyday practical life. A water heater serves these necessities by providing hot water for washing machines and dishwashers as well as for cleaning and showers.

The heaters aren’t something you think about often. However, it’s vital to consult a professional to evaluate if the water heater needs repairing or replacement solutions when problems arise. And in this post, let’s highlight the significant sign you need to change your water heater.

Signs That Indicates a Water Heater Replacement

There are multiple scenarios when you would find water heater replacement a better choice than repairs. Here is the first sign you need to change your water heater.

Rusty and Dirty Water

If rust or brown colored water appears from the tap, it might be the right time to replace the water heater. Rust turns out to be the telltale sign that the interiors of the water pipes and tank are corroding. This can often lead to leaks and cracks. Just in case you see rust rusk on the tank’s exterior, it’s quite evident that you may expect it in its interiors too.

Rust does not necessarily denote a replacement. Its zinc anode rod attracts inevitable corrosions that occur when metal mixes with the water. The rod can also wear out and contribute to rusty water.

Doesn’t Produce Hot Water

Nobody would want to experience a blast of ice-cold water amidst a hot shower. As water heaters wear off, they get less efficient at heating water due to sediment build-up. Broken heating components may contribute to such issues. For such cases, one can consult a licensed plumber. 

But if not, then the water heater unit might be small for your household’s requirements. For an increased number of people or consumption, it’s best to go for a replacement.

Leakage in Your Tank

Leaks in household appliances are indeed the worst sign, particularly the one that come from your water tanks. Leaks can develop year after year as the tank continually cools and heats. Once you notice the water pooled around the heater’s base, it’s better to opt for a replacement. A seasoned plumber can look after the matter professionally. For emergency situations, you can:

  • Turn off the water valve feeding into your tank
  • Switch off your water heater
  • Consult a professional

Strange Noises

Odd noises that come from the water heater might not be a serious concern. But once you are sure it’s the noise of popping, rumbling, crackling, banging, or anything unusual, it’s safer to have a word with the hot water repair professional. Odd noises might be an early sign of malfunctions. And you can consult the expert just in case you need a replacement. It is a sign you need to change your water heater!

What’s worse than repairing your water heater a number of times and experiencing the same problems multiple times? This is a sure-shot time when replacement is the only option left. Except for these scenarios, the other signs may get troubleshot by a professional. If not, contact Capital Plumbing for repairs, replacements, or any other heating or plumbing needs.