Before looking at the furnishing or decor of the house, take a look at the plumbing system as it is the foundation of your house. And having a rock-solid foundation will enhance the lifespan of your house. You should look for weeping pipes as it takes care of the most important part of the plumbing system, i.e. the drainage line. If you don’t understand the function of weeping pipes, then this article is for you. It will tell you everything you need to know about the weeping pipes.

Why Do You Need Weeping Pipes?

If you don’t have any clogging issues in your house, then you should definitely install weeping pipes. Its primary job is to remove excess water and channelise it in the right direction. The weeping pipes are a must in your house without which your plumbing system is incomplete. In addition, you cannot run the plumbing system smoothly without weeping pipes.

Exterior Pipes and Interior Pipes

There are two types of pipes you might install in your house, interior pipes and exterior pipes.

Interior Pipes:

You will find them installed in your basement. It channelized the water from the sump pump to the exterior storm sewer. The basement area will be dug into a 12-inch wide and 12-inch deep trench to install this pipe.

Exterior Pipes:

Before the water can reach your basement, exterior pipes manage them at ground level. It is built in a sloping manner, so the collected water is channelized away from the house.

Where Does the Water Go?

The collected water is redirected towards the sump pump or city storm drains. If the water is collected in the sump pump, it will channelize to the outer source from there. Therefore, you need to ensure that your sump pump is in working condition.

Steps to Install Pipes:

Steps  Exterior Interior 
1 Dig a trench around a basement Dig a trench through your concrete floor
2 Spill a granite gravel Spill the gravel
3 Place the pipe Place a pipe
4 Refill the trench Refill the trench and build the concrete floor

Cost of Installing Weeping Pipes

It entirely depends on the area of your house, perimeter of your basement. If you are replacing it, then the condition and damage will be assessed. The cost can range from $4000 to $8000. However, we recommend you speak to a plumbing expert.

The weeping pipes are extremely essential to keep your house healthy and run your plumbing system smoothly. If you want to inspect, replace or install weeping pipes, then approach us. Our experts at Capital Plumbing will guide you with your doubts regarding weeping pipes.