A well-maintained household is not just about keeping up appearances. Functionality is, of course, very crucial, too. One of the key elements to any home’s functionality is a well-running plumbing and draining system.

Because of everyday, constant use, your plumbing becomes susceptible to wear and tear. When problems arise, it’s highly recommended for homeowners to seek the help of professional drain cleaners to fix whatever issues arise. Following are some of the most common issues.

Slow Draining Sinks and Tubs

If the water isn’t flowing as smoothly down the drain as it should, a clog may exist inside the drain line. Many homeowners try to unclog it themselves by using harsh liquid solutions or crafting a wire into a snake to try and force the clog out.
However, unless you have a clear idea of what exactly is causing the slow drainage, it’s not a good idea to be poking devices down the drains. Instead of fixing the problem, you may end up making it worse. To be safe, and not cause any more damage, just call on a professional to get the job done for you.

Faulty Downspout

You may not realize it, but a poorly installed downspout can inevitably lead to drainage problems. The path that the rainwater follows from the downspout should lead away from the house, but faulty installation or damage may lead the water towards the house and foundation. This can lead to flooding a ground floor or the basement and possibly damage your home’s foundation.
This is the kind of problem that can sneak up on you, such as when torrential rainfall tests your gutters and downspouts. Such damage is avoidable when spouts and drains are regularly cleared and realigned.

Backed Up Toilets

Backed-up or clogged toilets will definitely cause major problems for any house or establishment. It could be your baby’s toy that unfortunately got flushed or some other item that inadvertently found its way to the toilet. It could also be due to a buildup of sediments within the pipes.

If such obstructions are not cleared, the drains will remain backed up, rendering your sink or shower useless. In situations like this, a professional drain cleaner, such as those from Capital Plumbing & Heating, can be relied upon to fix the problem. They are trained to identify the problem and come up with the best-suited solution as well as a maintenance plan for the homeowner.