With summer just around the corner, the last thing on your mind is your furnace. Even if you need to replace it soon, you’ve probably been putting it off since temperatures are set to rise in the near future. After all, you can’t beat the heat with more heat, right?

It turns out that your hesitation might do you some good. According to a report from The Huffington Post, the Government of Alberta is set to reward those who replace their appliances with energy-efficient units:

“Alberta is preparing a rebate program to encourage homeowners to purchase energy-efficient appliances and help the province reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Environment Minister Robin Campbell said the program would cost up to $30 million in the first year. He wants to make the announcement in early October.
“We are looking at incentives for residential homes. Looking at people replacing their furnaces, fridges, washer-dryers,” he said.”

Fortunately, looking for an energy-efficient Edmonton heating system is easy. Recent models have all been optimized for energy efficiency. Still, that doesn’t mean that all heating systems are the same; some may be great for you and your home while others will not, so take your time when shopping for a new furnace or air conditioner.

First off, you need to understand the conversion rate for your savings. The typical energy-efficient furnace will save you around $17 for every $100 dollars you spend, i.e. if you pay $1,000 for your new unit, you can expect to save $170 on your energy bills each year. It may not seem like a whole lot, but over time, the new unit will pretty much pay for itself so don’t balk at some of the more expensive units.

Second, pay close attention to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which rates how energy-efficient an air conditioning unit is. The standard is set at 13. To maximize your savings, however, try looking for air conditioning units with a SEER rating of 14.5 or higher. You can also look for the EnergyStar® label.

Lastly, hire a trusted Stony Plain heating contractor like the professionals from Capital Plumbing. In truth, the savings provided by an energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner depends more on proper installation than the unit itself.

You can buy the most efficient unit available, but if it isn’t installed properly, the efficiency the furnace or air conditioning unit boasts is thrown out the window. As long as you keep the above steps in mind, you’ll definitely find a furnace or air conditioner that’ll keep your home toasty during the long Albertan winters ahead and cool and comfortable during the summer.