The plumbing system of the entire residence, i.e., internally and externally, plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of the household. Just like how plumbing issues in the house need to be addressed at the earliest possible, you need to pay equal attention to your outdoor plumbing problems. The plumbing system outdoors is more subject to the risk of breakdown because it is not taken care of as often as the indoor plumbing system. Here are four potential outdoor plumbing issues that you should always look out for.

1) Leakages & Frozen Pipes

Your home definitely has one or more exterior faucets. Just like any other metal, these faucets and pipes are also bound to wear and tear with time. You need to keep track of their upkeep. Additionally, the extreme cold weather in Canada adds more to its depreciation. During the winters, frozen faucets and pipes are a worry; they can cause severe problems. These faucets and pipes can lead to a sudden blow-up of gushing water. It is best to winterize your faucets and lines during the winter months and always stay in touch with a trusted plumbing professional to avoid mishaps.

2) Sprinkler Issue

If you have an underground sprinkler system around your house, you need to pay attention to its functioning. As this system is underground, maintaining it can be a little more complicated than usual. Even the slightest leaks here may lead to problems that will require you to dig up the entire yard. Be on the lookout for wet spots around your home and the sprinkler system. It is best to get in touch with a professional at the earliest to get them treated and keep them functioning at their optimum productivity.

3) Sewer Blockage

Sewer lines are one of the central systems in the plumbing system. They are responsible for taking out your home waste to the main city sewer appropriately. Even a small blockage can wreck the entire plumbing system of your home. These blockages lead to sewer backups from the drains in your home through the sinks and toilets. This not only spreads bad odour and causes dirty water accumulation, but it can also significantly affect the health of you and your family. Sewer blockage is a major outdoor plumbing problem that can create havoc on your entire home function.

4) Hose Fixture Problems

Pay attention to the fixtures where you hook a hose so that you can easily water your garden or wash your car. They are subject to constant wear and tear outdoors and can be easily damaged. If you notice leaks or cracks around, ensure to fix the issue immediately as it can lead to an overflow of water outdoors. You can call for a professional plumber to replace the hose appropriately to avoid future trouble.

It is essential to take outdoor plumbing issues seriously just how you do it for the indoor plumbing system. Seeking help from professional plumbing experts can help you avoid further damage. In Edmonton, one such provider is the Capital Plumbing and Heating. Our experts are well experienced with plumbing systems. They will ensure your issues are treated at the earliest possible. If you face any such trouble, feel free to contact us.