It is a big investment decision when picking a new furnace for your home. Since it’s going to cost you, it is very important for you to research the different furnaces available and select the one that is the best for you. You should also avoid making the common mistakes that most homeowners do when picking a new furnace. Here are just a few of them:

1) Buying a New One When the Old Furnace Breaks:

Replacing the old furnace with the new one is an expensive affair, and many homebuyers wait for the old one to break down first. It might sound like a wise plan, but the problem when you wait till the last minute to replace your old furnace is that you may end up buying a new furnace that you don’t want. It is crucial to replace the furnace when it is near the end of its lifespan rather than waiting for it to break down and stop working completely. Picking a new furnace at the last minute might not give you many choices and affects your budget as well.

2) Picking a New Furnace Solely on Price:

When you are on a spree of picking a new furnace, you might be tempted to pick up the cheapest option available. It could be the best option at that given point, but in the long term, you could end up paying an expensive heater repair if the furnace purchased isn’t the right option for your home’s HVAC system. Rather than picking it on the basis of price, select the one that fits your budget and is ideal for your home.

3) Buying a Furnace That Is Either Too Big or Small:

Your HVAC system is particularly designed to work with a furnace that is of a certain size. If you select the one that is too big, the furnace might have a breakdown sooner than it should. If you buy the one that is too small, it won’t provide efficient heating. Finding and selecting the right furnace size is very important.

4) Fuel Type:

Furnaces work on a variety of heat sources such as oil, electricity or natural gas. Unless you install a heat pump that is highly efficient and is an electric powered heating system. The most efficient of all the options is natural gas. It is advisable to buy the gas powered furnace as natural gas is the least expensive heat source.

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