The use of technology around the home is expanding. In fact, research has shown that 77 percent of people are looking to include more technology in their homes. The bathroom has historically been an area with limited advancements due to concerns around electricity and water safety, but this is now changing. Many recent advancements aim to make your bathroom routines more comfortable and fun.

If you’re interested in having high-tech features installed in your bathroom, you can speak to your plumber about sourcing, installing, and maintaining it.

Smart Showers

Showers have gradually become more than a simple water stream, and many people now choose to have extra jets and wide heads installed for a more enjoyable experience. Technology is now taking things one step further.

You can opt for a system with Bluetooth speakers so that singing in the shower can be done alongside your favorite tracks. Other options include smart systems with mobile or remote control, allowing you to set temperatures, pressure, and even timers.

Automatic Toilets

Already commonplace in Asia, automatic toilets make using the bathroom much easier. As well as automatic flush, you can have systems installed that include seat warmers, motion sensors, water sprays and dryers. You won’t need to use your hands at all if you choose not to, making the process much more hygienic.

Leisure Features

Baths are naturally very relaxing, but adding extra technology such as jacuzzi jets, televisions, LED lighting integration, and speakers makes the experience even more so. You can choose to have these installed as separate electronic devices, but many baths now have them integrated.

Keeping Technology Safe

Any appliances with device integration will need to be correctly installed and maintained. Bathrooms are wet areas, and if a device hasn’t been properly connected, it can cause harm. Ask your plumbers to confirm the safety of these devices when they source and install them, as this will eliminate any risk.

In some cases, modern appliances can be safer and more cost-effective than traditional ones. A remote-controlled shower can reduce the amount of plumbing and piping you require and could warn you if something is going to go wrong with the appliance before it actually does.

Consider arranging a regular plumbing check to ensure your systems are in good working order. This will extend the life of your equipment and prevent any malfunctions before they occur. A trusted plumber can turn your regular bathroom into a technology-enabled one. Before making any changes, ask your plumbing professional for advice on how this can be done to meet your desires.