Understanding the problems that cause your plumbing system to experience issues will assist in finding the help you need. If there is a clogged sewer line that is causing drainage trouble in your home, it is essential to call plumbing companies in Edmonton. Problems with main sewer lines can lead to devastating results in your home. For one, they will cause drain water to back up after using sinks or bathrooms. Getting an idea of how clogs in the sewer lines happen is vital.

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Old homes usually have tree roots clogging the main sewer lines. These lines have to pass underground and connect to the public sewer systems. Over a long time, trees will grow, and their roots can find their way to sewer lines. The more they grow, the more extensive the clogging gets. Roots will prevent wastewater from passing through the lines to the public waste treatment system if they crush the pipes too much. In cases where trees break sewer lines, contractors will have to dig to repair the lines.


It is not unheard of for people to dump all sorts of things in the toilet. When these make their way down to the sewer lines, clogging ensues. Certain garbage items like facial tissues, napkins, and diapers do not discompose, which means that they will stay in the sewer lines and make it hard for wastewater to pass.

Pipe Material

There is also the issue of the material of the sewer pipes. If your home in Edmonton is an old property, then the sewer lines may be made of clay or cast iron. These materials tend to break down or crack over time and sustain leaks.

Getting the Right Help

Calling an Edmonton drain cleaning expert such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will come in handy when dealing with drainage problems. After thorough checks, the plumbing professional can tell you if you have trouble with your main sewer line. In some instances, they may conduct a camera inspection of your drainage to verify if the sewer line is the problem. You can also ask for an inspection if you suspect that there is a main sewer line issue.