Ignoring early signs of a clogged drainage system could lead to serious damage in your house, with water overflowing everywhere. From indoor floods to harmful mold growth, clogged drainage is a primary cause of water damage that needs immediate fixing. To prevent this water disaster, you may want to have a basic know-how of drainage systems.

The main purpose of your drainage system is to discharge or lead all wastewater to the sewer or a septic tank, if you have one, through the pipes under your house. Components like vents and traps make up the whole system ensuring the removal of waste materials from your home into sewage treatments. All of your sinks and toilets are called fixtures that wash away these waters into the drainage system.

Drainage Maintenance

Congesting the fixtures would eventually lead to clogged drains because these are the ones most vulnerable to residue or grime accumulation. Water suddenly turning up on kitchen or bathroom floors and strange sounds in your toilets are warning signs that you might have a clogged drainage. It helps to inquire from an expert from one of the plumbing companies in Edmonton to know if you need emergency cleaning.

If you suspect your home has serious clogged drainage, don’t hesitate to call on experienced plumbers around the area for emergency service. Companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. have trained plumbers to handle all kinds of clogs and assess the appropriate cleaning treatment for your system.

They also offer efficient solutions in drain maintenance like eco-friendly drainage products to prevent future damage to the house and the environment. As mentioned earlier, grime or residue build-up clogs your drains sooner than you may know it, mostly consisting of concentrated grease, a substantial volume of hair, and rolls of tissue paper.

These materials would also pile up if the pipes themselves are corroded due to chemicals, salts, and even improper installation. If your pipes are the culprit, you also have to consult Edmonton drain cleaning companies to immediately rebuild your broken pipes.

Clogged drains can generally be prevented through proper maintenance by regularly using drain cleaning products like an enzymatic cleaner every month. However, in case the problem still persists despite your best efforts, then don’t hesitate to call for professional plumbing help stat.