We’re used to cold and long winters in Canada and 2014 was the year that hit the record books. Maintaining adequate heat, water supplies and safety in the home and garden is difficult when weather conditions are tough and Edmonton plumbing business owners are on hand to help anybody experiencing plumbing emergencies over winter or summer alike.

How to manage a Plumbing emergency

The Christmas ice storm in 2014 caused $200 million in insured losses alone, with householders losing water supplies, HVAC systems failing, and a lack of power in some areas. Here in Edmonton, the municipality had to cope with widespread potholes in roads making an already dangerous situation even worse.

The financial headaches caused by snow and ice and long-term freezing conditions have hit right across Canada, much of this being due to the fact that our infrastructure was mainly put in place about 70 years back.

Maintaining your HVAC is a necessity and the best time to book services is in the warmer months, but business owners who carry out plumbing in Edmonton are aware that colder weather conditions can cause unusual situations and older HVAC systems can fail at the worst possible times.

If your home is to remain safe for children or elderly family members throughout the worst of the winter weather conditions you need to be ready to call out local plumbing contractors any time during Canadian winters.

If your heating does fail in the home during winter you can be at risk of hypothermia. You should make sure everybody wears several layers of clothing because if body temperatures drop more than one degree the effects of chilling can lead to hypothermia, particularly in children under the age of one and seniors aged 65 or above.

Older kids and teenagers find playing outside in snowy conditions can be great fun but if that’s coupled with HVAC failure in the home, hypothermia or frostbite can be very real dangers they may face. As soon as regular shivering due to cold conditions becomes a feature of anybody in the household or any friends in the neighborhood it’s time to call out health professionals.

Staying on top of home insulation through warmer months of the year and maintaining HVAC systems regularly cuts the chances of experiencing winter plumbing emergencies.