You can experience frustrating moments when you open a tap in your home and instead of getting a steady gush of water, it just trickles. It would take a long time to finish the simplest tasks in your home when taps and shower heads are not supplying water as they should. This problem is a result of low water pressure that may be due to many reasons.

Before you call in plumbing experts in Edmonton, first assess how far the damage stretches. Is the a pressure problem in all of your taps or just some fixtures? Low pressure in selected taps or shower heads means that the problem is restricted to those certain parts.

On rare occasions, low water pressure may be because of a break in the mains line, which means that the supply pipes in your home are not to blame. However, it may be hard to tell if the mains are the problem.

Pressure Regulator

Low water pressure in your faucets may be the fault of a defective pressure regulator. The regulator is part of the hose connection of the water supply in your home and usually does not need adjusting, but it is possible for the device to fail when it suffers too much wear.


Leaks are the most frequent cause of low water pressure. If the supply pipes in your home have cracks, splits, bursts, or corroded over time, they will result in leaks, which means water loses its pressure along the way.

Mineral Deposits

Water naturally contains minerals, and when it passes through metal pipes, some get deposited in the system. In plumbing without a proper filtration system, the mineral deposits make their way to tap aerators where they build up. Over time, the accumulation of deposits becomes too much and restricts water flow.
Tap aerators are easy to clean to remove the deposits, but shower heads can present a problem that requires a professional.

Some homeowners don’t put much attention to this, but there are peak and off-peak periods of water usage. If you stay in a large neighborhood, then during some times of the day when just about every household has its taps on, you will experience a drop in water pressure. Seeing as there is nothing wrong with the plumbing, you can try altering your schedule a bit.

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