More often than not, a regular household comes across several plumbing issues, and you might be well-versed with solving minor problems all by yourself. However, some major issues that are out of our skill-set can cause unforeseen plumbing hazards. Watch out for these issues and get them fixed right away.

A Recurrent Clog

Clogged sewage and pipelines are a common occurrence in any household and can be fixed easily by a plunger. However, the problem arises when the clog keeps coming back, indicating severe pipeline issues. In such cases, calling a plumber to get it fixed would be a wise choice. This task might require special tools like cameras to scour deep within the pipes and identify the root of the issue, including greasing along the pipes’ inner linings or hair accumulation.

Unstoppable Faucet Drips

It raises a concern of water wastage when your faucet doesn’t stop dripping. It is unknown to many homeowners that if your bathroom faucet drips constantly, you have to pay for additional 12,240 liters of wasted water annually. You might fix this problem by tightening bolts or fixtures, using a plumber’s tape or new brackets, but this doesn’t always work. Constant dripping might arise due to a crack in the pipes or faucet elements installed incorrectly, which necessitates the requirement of a plumber immediately.

Overflowing Toilets

You experience blockage when your toilet immediately starts to flow after you flush. This should be immediately fixed with a plunger to dislodge anything stuck down the toilet. If your toilets and fixtures are overflowing unprompted, then it is a sign you should call a plumber. Moreover, homes with septic systems might experience backflow when the septic tank is full. This can lead to an exposure of sewage odor and other water wastes filling your bathroom and household. Immediately call a plumber who fixes the issue without damaging your pipelines and drainage systems.

Water Heater Leakage

You might discover your water heater sweeping when you inspect the pilot light or go near the heater, indicating water heater leakage. Some minor leaks and cracks might be the cause of these problems and, when not fixed immediately, can cause serious problems. Other conspicuous signs that might indicate water heater damage include corrosion, rusty patches on the heater and surrounding pipelines or a pool of water nearby. To prevent any further damage, it’s best to call for professionals.

Unavailability of Water

If you suddenly find your household without water, check the pipelines. Frozen pipes, backups, significant leaks or issues in the main pipeline can be the cause of the unavailability of water. At such times, you should call a plumber immediately to check whether the water is not diverted, causing any leak elsewhere. Furthermore, check for water on all floors of your house. Availability of water on one of the floors can indicate issues with water pressure.

Plumbing hazards, if not fixed properly, can cause even major issues. Hence, call a reliable professional who not only fixes your plumbing issues but also offers long-term solutions. At Capital Plumbing, our plumbing professionals with great expertise and hands-on techniques would cure your plumbing systems with complete ease on a quick call. Give us a call today if you think your plumbing system needs attention and inspection.