Plumbing issues can cause massive harm to your house if not detected and solved at the right time. You might ignore some of the plumbing issues thinking it is minor, but that can cost you a fortune in future. Some plumbing issues cannot wait and need immediate attention. If you face the listed issues, then Capital Plumbing experts are on their toes to help you.

Damaged Sewer System

You are in big trouble if your sewer line is damaged. It will lead to constant clogs and unpleasant odours from your toilet. In addition, it can also damage your walls, electrical system, antique furniture; in short, a damaged sewer system can harm your house beyond your imagination. This plumbing issue cannot wait, and before it gets worse, call for a professional plumber.

Burst Pipes

This plumbing issue is no less than a nightmare as you might wake up in a flooded house with leaking walls and ceiling, damaged flooring, distorted electrics and wiring. This is caused due to excessive water pressure on the pipe or when your pipes are frozen. We generally do not keep regular checks on the water pressure, pipe quality and its resistance power, which can literally drown us financially and emotionally. If you come across stains on walls, discoloured water or have no access to water, then you should call us immediately.

Overflowing Toilet

Overflowing toilets are the most sickening plumbing issue that needs to be solved immediately. It is caused due to flushing wrong things down, damaged drain lines, accumulation of dirt and many more. This can lead to hazardous health issues like loss of consciousness, fatigue, fever, headaches, difficulty in breathing, etc. Furthermore, your bathroom flooring, furniture and appliances can also be damaged. Therefore, this plumbing issue can not wait and need immediate attention.

Water Heater Leakage

Water heater leakage is caused due to high-temperature settings, old tanks, formation of sediments, etc. Also, water heaters are connected with electricity or gas, which makes leaking issues all the more dangerous. Therefore, if you see leakage in your water, then call a professional plumber.

Internal Leaking

Internal leaking is generally caused by high pressure on pipes, erosion of pipes, damaged drain lines; a poor plumbing system. It is likely to damage your walls, ceiling, electrical components and your home structure. To repair your internal leakage and your house can be super expensive. Therefore, if you have smelly rooms, wet spots, cracks on the ceiling, then you immediately need to call for a professional plumber.

Basement Flooding

It is caused due to leakage in walls, ceiling and building foundation. It is generally taken care of by the sump pump installed in your house, but when that too is damaged; then you are in big trouble. All the things you kept there, walls, electricity connection are majorly affected by flooding. If you see that things are going out of your hands, then call the professional plumber to solve the problem.

You don’t want to ignore these plumbing issues as they can affect your safety and health. To relieve you from this stress, Capital Plumbing offers top services in Edmonton. From inspection to repairing, we do it all, and our excellent service guarantees you that you won’t have to look at your plumbing area for a longer time.