Drains can best illustrate the idea that whatever you do could come back to haunt you. If you misuse your drains by throwing oily liquids, meal leftovers, and other remnants of your food preparation down the sink, or by flushing tissues and other sanitary products down your toilets, you can bet that the residue and grime will build up and eventually become troublesome clogs.

These destructive practices can come back to haunt you in the form of slow-draining water, running toilets, and even sewage backups. Fortunately, there are products you can use to clear your drains, but often, the worst clogs will require strong chemicals or complicated unclogging techniques.

The fumes from some of the more powerful cleaning solutions can be risky to your health if you handle them yourself. However, you can’t tolerate blockages, even if they seem minor because those clogs can lead to costly damage to your plumbing system. You may be wondering: what choice do you have?

Here’s one solution you can explore: go green. Use or make eco-friendly cleaners, which are generally milder and safer for your health compared to conventional products. Try other means to clear drains, such as using plungers or augers if you know how to use them.

When Do You Need Cleaning or Maintenance?

Every now and then, watch out for signs that your drains are not working as well as they should to determine when you need drain maintenance solutions from Edmonton specialists. The abovementioned scenarios—like water slowly draining in sinks, sewage backing up into shower floors or basins, and leaky toilets—are easy to detect. On some occasions, you may also notice unusual noises or detect foul smells when using your plumbing fixtures.

Green Products

You can try whipping up your own green drain cleaners by using easily accessible materials like baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water. You can also look for commercially available preparations with earth-friendly or biological ingredients like bacteria or enzymes. Aside from being convenient, some of these solutions or products are more affordable, too.

Green Pros

If those solutions don’t work, get the aid of experts in green cleaning like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd., which is among the companies providing the best plumbing services in Edmonton, Alberta. Aside from using green products themselves, these specialists are skilled in methods that will clear out those clogs without damaging your home or harming your health.