A water heater consists of various components that are crucial to its operation. An issue with any one of them may cause some serious trouble. Whether you are using a water heater at home or at your place of business, it helps to understand the importance of certain parts and why professional repairs are necessary. The pressure relief valve is a good one to learn about. Regardless of the heater type, a pressure relief valve is a safety device that is utilised to lighten high water temperature and pressure. In the case of a broken valve, the services of an Edmonton heating expert will be useful.

Threat of a Faulty Valve

If a valve fails in shutting off pressure or temperature once it reaches a certain level, then it will keep rising to their boiling points, forming steam. Think of how a pressure cooker can react if the space to let air out is absent- it would explode. Now imagine that happening with your water heater. This phenomenon is not a common one, but it does happen if a heater has other defects, making it necessary to keep the pressure relief valve in good condition. You can get a Stony Plain heating expert to fix a faulty valve to avoid experiencing such a case.

pressure relief valve

Regular Checks

One way to avoid disaster with a failed valve is to check it as regularly as possible, preferably once every two years. Even if your water heater is not an old one, the valve may fall victim to environmental conditions such as corrosion and clogging, causing it to malfunction. The way to test it is by pulling up the lever that is found on the top of the valve to see if hot water spills to the floor through the overflow tube. If you get professional maintenance from an Edmonton heating company like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd., be assured that these checks will be included.


The other maintenance task is to replace a pressure relief valve after a given period to avoid wear due to old age. Some heater manufacturers recommended getting a replacement every four or five years. Over prolonged use, a pressure relief valve will get encrusting from mineral deposits in the water. Water hammer can result in a defective valve as well. You can tell if there is water hammer if there are bangs every time water shuts off, which is usually caused by pressure surges. Chronic cases of water hammer will cause the valve not to re-seat properly, leading to dripping.


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