A furnace installation comes with several considerations, and one of them is location since the spot you place the device will affect its efficiency and other aspects. The home has various options when it comes to choosing a furnace location, so it’s understandable that you may get overwhelmed.

Still, if you know what makes one site more suitable than another, then you can maximize the installation. An Edmonton furnace service can help when making this choice. Your furnace can be kept in a confined space such as a cabinet or attic, or an unconfined area like the garage.

Type of Furnace

The suitability of a furnace installation site will vary depending on the type of furnace you pick. A gas furnace, for example, requires sufficient air for circulation, meaning that you have to consider the oxygen supply of the location first. Unconfined spaces have no problem providing fresh air, but for confined spaces, you may have to add openings to make sure that a gas furnace does not lack the air needed for complete combustion. Consider any other appliances in the vicinity that will compete for air supply.
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When getting furnace installation for your Edmonton home, you must pick a site that allows access to all parts of the appliance. A furnace will need periodic servicing and maintenance; whether it’s a contractor or you handling it, accessibility should not be a problem. Look for a location that will make it possible to reach the furthest sections of the furnace without having to move it. If you are considering a confined space, take the size of the furnace into account.


A furnace will work more efficiently if the area has proper insulation because it means that there is excellent thermal transfer resistance. Poor insulation will let heat escape, which means the furnace has to work harder than required to meet heating loads, and this will lead to an increase in energy consumption. A furnace service provider can explain the insulation rating that is most suitable for your home and provide fixes where necessary. All exposed pipes in the area will need insulation and so will the ceilings and walls.

Proximity to Vents
An ideal location for your furnace installation should not be far from the venting system. If there is a water heater vent already in place, then the furnace can use it instead of getting a new one, which will cut costs. If new vents are necessary, then select a location that will not present difficulties.