Plumbing problems will pop up now and then, and it is necessary to deal with them accordingly. It helps when you know what issues you are dealing with so that you may know about the services to search for when looking for professional plumbers in Edmonton, Canada. One problem that you can expect to deal with if you haven’t already is a running toilet

Professional Plumbers

This problem is characterized by a toilet that doesn’t stop running even when the water is full. After flushing the toilet, you will hear water running until the tank is full. However, a problem in the tank may leave the water running long after. Such a problem may cost you a lot of money in water bills. You must call in a professional as soon as you notice your toilet has such an issue.

Imbalanced Float

One cause of a running toilet is an imbalanced float. When the float is too high in the toilet tank, then the water will continue rising even after reaching the maximum level. It happens because the float acts as the indicator when water is running, so when it is not in balance, it leads to a running toilet. You can control the water level in your toilet by moving the float.

Leaking Flapper

Another cause of a running toilet is a flapper that has a leak. Warping in the flapper can cause it to leak. A Flapper can also break due to wear. The accumulation of dirt may also cause the flapper to malfunction, leading to leaks. You have to identify the cause of the leak to check if it needs fixing or replacing. The Edmonton plumbers you hire will tell you about the flapper to buy when you need a replacement.

Chain Problems

A toilet may also run because there is an issue with its chain. There is a chain that connects the flush lever and the flapper. If this chain is too short, then it will pull at the flapper even when the lever is not in use. A long chain, on the other hand, will not allow the flapper to close properly. You should troubleshoot your toilet by flushing it to see if the chain has a problem. It is advisable to identify what your Edmonton plumber will come in to fix beforehand.

Fill Valves

The fill valves in your toilet tank may also be a problem, especially if they are worn out. These valves allow the tank to fill up after flushing. A plumber can help you get replacements.