The question of whether preventative maintenance is worth it, in the long run, is one that crops up for many businesses. The HVAC system itself is an integral part of many business establishments, but paying for a maintenance plan can seem like your business is needlessly paying money every year. After all, effective maintenance will prevent problems from surfacing and will ensure that any minor problems do not become major issues.

The end result of using the services of plumbing companies in Edmonton can feel like you’re paying to maintain a system without any problems – however, it is the maintenance plan that keeps the system running efficiently and effectively.

Thermostat Checks

An annual maintenance check-up will ensure that the thermostat is operating efficiently. This means that the system will turn on when it’s needed and off when it isn’t, saving you money on wasted energy while ensuring a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment. A damaged or broken thermostat can also place added pressure on additional components, so regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs later in the life of your system.

Electrical And Mechanical Component Maintenance

Electrical connections are tightened and checked while moving parts are lubricated so they operate smoothly. A loose connection may seem like a minor problem but can lead to burnt-out controls, while poorly lubricated mechanical components will grind against one another and will need replacing sooner.

Your HVAC maintenance company will also check the system controls, helping to ensure that the starting cycle is operating properly and that the system starts, runs, and switches off as expected and required.

Preventing Clogged Drains

A clogged drain can lead to moisture problems in the building and may eventually lead to water damage around the HVAC system. Not only could this mean that the system itself will need replacing but it could also lead to substantial property and building damage, greatly increasing repair costs.

Annual maintenance includes the routine checking of the condensate drain to prevent this from becoming a problem and negating the need to pay potentially high prices for emergency services from Edmonton drain cleaners.

Coolants, Coils, And Components

The maintenance company will also check coolant levels and coolant quality. They will clean dirty coils and check the refrigerant level; dirty cool and improper levels can cause the system to use considerably more energy than should be required. They will also check the blower components. Damaged components not only mean that you could be paying more than necessary for energy bills, but they could also lead to an improperly functioning HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance

Annual maintenance should be considered an important facet of owning and running an HVAC system for your business. While there are some basic care and maintenance steps you can take yourself, such as checking and replacing filters, a professional maintenance service like Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can perform a thorough check that will ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently.