Tankless water heaters have long been touted as a step up over conventional water heaters in many ways. Even with the best plumbing in Edmonton as backup, you wonder if they perform as effectively as they are advertised. About.com contributor Jeffrey Orloff says that using a tankless water heater can actually help lower your utility bills.

Having a tankless water heater in the home may have to be a necessity if only homeowners are to be made keenly aware of current environmental concerns. The Edmonton city administration, in fact, is making every effort to educate people about installing the unit in their homes. If your house still has a tank-type water heater and you’ve seen how it adversely impacts the surrounding sanitation and household water consumption, it’s time to get a company like Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. to talk to you about installing a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters, by definition, function through a small chamber with heating coils inside. The machine activates the heating coils only when the tap is opened and water starts to flow. According to Orloff, the coils take no more than five seconds to fully engage. Your preferred heater’s output rating may differ in terms of British thermal units, from a warm 19,000 BTU to as high as 200,000 BTU, with temperatures between 49 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Tankless heaters are also available as gas-powered or electric units. However, caution is required if you ever decide for an electric rig. Green Building Advisor guest contributor Rick Durapau said his house needed a massive overhaul of its electrical system when he acquired a whole-house electric tankless heater.

There are several tankless water heater manufacturers on the market. Companies like Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd, however, vouch for those made by the South Korean manufacturer, Navien, whose tankless water heaters come in either the NPE-A or NPE-S series. The common denominators of both classes include two stainless-steel heat exchangers, switching between propane or natural gas for heating, and a high-temperature limit switch.

In a time when every dollar that you spend on utilities must count, so should you consider carefully the new technology you invest in for your home. That’s why you should trust the best plumbing in Edmonton, Alberta to set you up with a system that’s big on heating comfort, but lighter on your pocket.