The last thing you want in the summer season is your air conditioner not cooling you effectively. The compressor is the heart of an air conditioner. It is the central unit that is responsible for cooling your homes. It is what is located in the outside box with the condenser and a fan. The compressor is considered a vital component of the AC, so when it goes bad, it indicates a serious fault in the system that immediately needs to be addressed.

There are various reasons for the AC not cooling.

1) Dirty Air Filter

The common reason for your AC not cooling is because of dirty air filters. If the AC filter is clogged with debris, dirt, or dust, and is unclean, it may result in various problems. This can also interfere with the proper functioning of the thermostat. The dirt in AC blocks the passage of warm and cool air inside the ducts. The evaporator coil may also freeze, leading to blocking of the passage of the cool air from the outlet.

2) Incorrect Thermostat Settings

If your AC is not cooling, the first thing you should do is to check the thermostat of your air conditioner system. This is a problem if your AC unit blows out cool air and then some lukewarm air. When you face such a situation, you should turn the thermostat settings to auto mode. This way, the fan will only work when the air is being cooled.

3) An Unclean Outside Unit

To understand how air conditioning works, you should first know the reason why an unclean unit outside can hamper the working of your air conditioner. The evaporator absorbs the heat from the air and then transfers it to the air conditioner’s outside unit. A clogged condenser will not allow the proper cooling of the AC. The debris and dirt block and also transfer the heat. Thus, this leads to your AC not cooling.

4) Irregular Maintenance Causing Malfunction

An essential practice to ensure optimal performance and the long life of your AC is to have it periodically serviced by a professional. These checks ensure that any technical troubles like refrigerant leakages, compressor damage, or faults in the condenser coil are immediately addressed. All of these issues lead to inefficient functioning of the system and your AC not cooling.

To keep your AC working efficiently, it is advisable to get your system serviced and maintained by an expert. You should get it done every three months to enhance your air conditioning unit’s proper functioning and output. A poorly maintained AC system can cause your electricity bill to shoot up, in addition to not cooling your homes. Therefore, to decrease the possibility of expensive air conditioner maintenance costs and repairs, you can always hire an AC service and repair professionals from Capital Plumbing. Our well-trained experts will make sure you have no more complaints about your AC!