Having hot water come out of the tap is so commonplace that people only realize what a novelty it is when cold water starts coming out of the faucet. Everyone expects hot water to flow freely from the tap, but many of those people do not realize how many other appliances and components of the home depend on the home water heater. Aside from the faucets and shower, the dishwasher and washing machine also use the water heater when they are running.

There are many problems that affect home water heaters. The most common complaint is that not enough hot water is being produced. However, many factors affect why there isn’t enough heated water coming out of your tap. Here are a few of the most common reasons as to why.

Reasons Why a Water Heater Doesn’t Make Enough Hot Water

1) The Water That Comes In Is Too Cold

During the cold months, temperatures can reach record lows. This will mean that the water flowing through the popes is ice cold. If you notice cold water running from your tap during the winter months, it may mean that the water that is coming into your home piping system is too cold. Your water heater may require more time to heat up the water if the incoming supply is colder than usual. 

2) The Demand For Hot Water Is High

Another reason for the shortage of hot water from your home tap may be that the demand for hot water is too high. Keep in mind that a water heater can only heat up so much water at a given time. If too many taps, plus the shower along with other appliances that rely on hot water are all on at the same time, there will naturally be a shortage of hot water.

3) Problems With The Thermostat

In many cases, the lack of heated water is caused by the thermostat being dialed down too low. This is a common problem that happens as the seasons change. When fall slowly turns into winter, there may be a chance that the need for the thermostat to be turned up might happen without the house residents realizing it. on the other hand, if you know that you have already turned your thermostat up, but don’t feel the heat, you may have a faulty thermostat.

4) Distance From Water Heater To Taps Is Too Far

Another reason may be the location of the water heater. It may be placed too far from the shower or tap. This may be fine during the warmer months, but during wintertime, the water that was heated may cool down again as it makes its way to the taps. 

5) Faulty Heating Element

If you are certain that you do not have any of the problems mentioned above, you may be dealing with a heater that has a faulty heating element. If you are unable to narrow down the problem and fix it on your own, it is best that you call an HVAC expert to come and check your heater.


There are many factors that may affect the temperature of the water that comes out of your faucets. If you notice that your heater does not seem to produce enough hot water, it will not necessarily equate to a faulty heater. It may mean that there are too many people using the taps at any given time. It is a good idea to rule out all the reasons mentioned above before calling a specialist to take care of the problem. 

If you have already taken the time to rule out all other possible reasons for your hot water problem and still have cold water coming out of your tap, you can always rely on Capital Plumbing to fix the problem. We provide all kinds of heating, plumbing, and air conditioning solutions, including furnace repair, drain cleaning, and water heater repair in the Edmonton area. Let us take care of your water heating problem and give us a call today!