Why is my water heater making noise? This is the most common question that is asked by homeowners. These noises can be extremely loud or like a light sizzling or rumbling sound. Thus, a noisy heater can turn into a nightmare for you if not addressed immediately.

But, it is important to know what causes these problems. Some noises may become unbearable over time.  Thus, addressing them in their early phase is the best thing you can do. As a result, you need to find the causes to further prevent these issues.

1) Mineral Deposits and Sediments In The Tank

If the storage tank of your water heater has debris, it holds water at the bottom position of the burner. When the unit produces heated water, the sound of it is as similar as a coffee maker. This noise occurs because the water bubbles pass through the layers of the sediment. Debris can make the tank overheat further leading to a weaker water heater tank.

2) Accumulation Of Mineral Deposits

If you live in a locality where you only have hard water in your homes, your heater tank will have a build-up of mineral deposits. And as water moves, it also traps various materials like calcium carbonate and magnesium.

3) Dirt In The Water Heater

When your water heater produces hot water, the liquid will expand and pass through the dirt. When this occurs, you may notice the rumbling sound coming from the tank; it means there may be a large amount of dirt in your water heater. Even though it is not harmful, this is a sign of your water heater not performing well. And thus, it needs maintenance as soon as possible.

4) Limescale Build-up

After years of using your water heater, there will be residue build-up in your tank, leading to unnatural popping sounds. This means you have to maintain and clean your tank as regularly as possible, removing the limescale build-up. To avoid this, you should ensure that you take out residues from the tank. But, it can damage your water heater if you leave this, leading to extra costs as repairs.

5) Leaky Water Heater

You should be aware that water heaters making sizzling noises, particularly when turning off the burner, are an issue you should address as early as possible. You can look for a spot with a puddle if you are unable to detect the leak in your water heater. And to identify a leaky tank, you can use a leak detector that is designed specifically for water heaters. It lets out an alarm when it detects a leak in the system.

6) Poor Flow Of Water

A sizzling sound from your water heater is a clear sign that the water is not flowing into the tank as easily as it should. The problem can be traced to some valves in the unit. You can look for the pressure relief and temperature valve to get a clear picture. When it releases excess pressure, you will hear a sizzling sound from it, just switch off the water supply and power and get it repaired at the earliest.

The water heater is one of the most overworked mechanical systems in your home. We usually assume that it should be left as it is, unless it makes unusual weird noises. To help you avoid these uninvited plumbing crises, you should consider an expert opinion. Get in touch with Capital Plumbing today to say goodbye to all your plumbing issues and get the best plumbing services.