Clogged drains tend to become more than just a minor problem especially once it starts building up over time. There are actually a good number of serious consequences that come along with clogged drains, ranging from structural to health concerns. Here are some reasons why you should take it seriously and get professional plumbing companies from Edmonton involved in its resolution.

Telltale Signs

A clump of hair, a stuck bunch of used toilet paper, and toys improperly disposed of—all of these things can contribute to a clogged drain. It’s simple enough to see that there is a blockage in your drains: the water isn’t going down as quickly as it should. Worse, it’s actually getting backed up. That’s as clear a sign as any that you need to call a plumber to get your drain clog fixed.

While you may think that the problem is something that you can fish out of the drain, taking on the task upon yourself can only make matters worse. You could push the items causing the blockage further down the drain, making it more stuffed instead of easing the water flow.

Soon, conditions can become unsanitary enough to put your family’s health at risk. If you only have one shared bathroom, especially, you cannot afford to waste a day on a futile DIY attempt that’s going to cause a major inconvenience for everyone else.

External Root Causes

Sometimes, the problem isn’t rooted in careless house activities, but rather in literal roots outside the house. If your plumbing line passes through trees, it’s highly possible that the tree roots will eventually clog the sewer line as it overwhelms the line.

he pressure of the roots’ growth can eventually break or crush a pipe, especially if it’s old. Because these pipes are underground and out of sight, it’s not very likely that you would notice anything wrong until you experience a backed-up toilet even when there’s nothing stuck in it.

For this, you really would need more than just the help of Edmonton drain cleaners, but a full-on plumbing service. Their professional expertise should be able to help disentangle this messy root problem from your drain pipes and sewage line.

Companies like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd can rise to the occasion. Just make sure to get in touch with them at the soonest possible time and that you don’t wait for the problem to worsen first before springing to action.