When cleaning the house, the toilet is given prime focus to ensure that it is spotless, disinfected, and always ready to be sat on. The porcelain throne is an essential part of the house as it is used multiple times a day by the entire household.

However, homeowners tend to forget that maintaining the toilet does not end with keeping it unblemished and odourless. Worse, signs of toilet problems are left ignored. When this happens, homeowners face more extensive plumbing repairs that sometimes involve shelling out hundreds of dollars.

Hence, homeowners must know the early signs of toilet problems and the best remedies for them. Prevention is better than cure after all! 

Toilet Problems and Their Remedies

When you spot a toilet bowl issue, do not just opt for a toilet bowl replacement right away. It’s important to understand the cause of the problem to know the best remedy for it. You also need to weigh your options between repairing and replacing your toilet.

Below are some of the common toilet problems and how to solve them.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is one of the most common and expensive toilet issues. Homeowners are faced with a hefty water bill as a running toilet wastes hundreds of litres of water a day. This issue is usually attributed to an internal breakage of some kind, like a cracked toilet flapper, a faulty chain, or a float arm issue.

Toilet Clogging

A clogged toilet is a disgusting issue to solve. This is because it also creates other issues like staining the porcelain and subterranean plumbing problems. A plunger is the best tool for a simple remedy to this issue. However, intense and consistent clogging may already require contacting a skilled plumber to give a more appropriate remedy.

Dysfunctional Toilet Tank

A toilet tank that won’t refill may stem from different issues. In this case, you also need to try several remedies to fix it since you are not sure where the problem lies. Here are some of your options for repair: adjust the float ball, check the water pressure, or twist the fill valve. If they don’t work, consider replacing these components.

Water Leakage Under the Toilet 

This is one of the most complex toilet issues because its cause may be difficult to determine, especially when the toilet is positioned adjacent to a shower or bathtub. For an immediate remedy, you can try using a wrench and elbow grease. If the leak persists, this is a sign that the toilet needs to be removed. Call your plumber right away.

Partial Toilet Flush

If your toilet doesn’t flush fully, it may be due to low water pressure. It may also be a sign of a clogged drain, a tank that does not refill, or other internal component issues. The flapper or chain may be broken, causing the partial flushing of the toilet. If these components are damaged or malfunctioning, replace them to regain the full-blast flush of the toilet.


It is crucial to correctly identify the problem that causes the malfunction to apply the proper remedy. These common toilet issues can sometimes be solved with a good wrench. But for the best solutions, it’s best to call professionals.

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