The drain pipes are used continuously daily in every residence. They are responsible for taking the wastewater away from your house. As these pipes are continually used, they are bound to wear down, even if you are entirely cautious of what goes down the drain. It is known that cast iron drain lines can last you for about 100 years, and copper supply lines can last you for almost 80 years. The most fragile drain lines, PVC drain lines, will last for only about 40 years. Depending on the drain pipe’s life, how it has been used, and the frequency of its maintenance influences how long these pipes will last. Here are a few instances where you will require drain pipe replacement.


If you have lived in your house long enough, it may be that the drain pipes in your home are made of lead and iron. Post that, copper pipes replaced these lines because iron caused the issue of rust and corrosion. Even copper pipes corrode, but differently. Either way, such deterioration leads to pipe leaks. You should always be on the lookout for such leaks and fix them at the earliest. But, if the issue is persistent and you have corroded drain pipes, it is best to get them replaced by a professional plumber.


When winter in Canada powerfully sets in, it leads to the freezing of pipes. Even though we still have a few months for this season, it is better to be prepared for frozen pipes beforehand. Due to excessive cold, frozen pipes can rupture as the water expands when it freezes, leading to pipe cracks and pipe bursting. Two ways to avoid this problem are, drain off water from non-essential pipes to prevent freezing or insulate the drain pipes so that the cold doesn’t affect the lines. If both these methods stop working, it is time for you to opt for drain pipe replacement.


Limescale is a mineral deposit that builds over time if the drain pipes flow down excess hard water. How hard is the water that you receive depends on the water source. Hard water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, and when flown down by the drain pipes, these can leave such deposits on the walls of the pipes. Such issues are not a problem initially, but they can build up over time. It can then obstruct the flow of water through the drains. As these deposits harden, getting rid of limescale can be challenging and will require the entire replacement of drain pipes.

Life Span

If you have been in this residence for years, or if you have purchased this residence from someone who has had this place for a very long time, it is obvious that the drain pipes have aged too. No matter how much care you may give, drain pipes do depreciate. It is recommended that you get them checked at regular intervals to stay updated on the condition of these pipes before it causes significant trouble. If the pipes are old enough beyond the years mentioned above, it is best to replace them.

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