Clogged drains can be quite the mess. What initially was an increasingly measured and efficient drainage flow can eventually develop into clogs that cause a huge inconvenience. Depending on how much grime and residue has accumulated, some clogs only cause a small amount of flooding, while others can lead to severe water damage. Both of these could result in ill-timed and costly replacement of pipes and tiles, removal of carpets and drywall, and the expert elimination of mold.

To avoid these costly scenarios, contact Capital Plumbing & Heating for proper maintenance of the pipes in your home. With an expert team of drain cleaners, we help keep your home or business running in the best possible condition.

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Capital Plumbing & Heating was founded in 2001. We became a member of Plumber’s Success International in 2008 which means that we are very efficient in the services we provide and specialize in our field with great expertise. We stand by our motto of providing the best services and experience to our customers.

We know that you love your home, which means you love when everything runs smoothly, including your mechanical systems and plumbing systems of your home. Our technical expertise and well-experienced professionals are always available for all your needs such as plumbing, heating and emergency services. Call us for any plumbing or heating service.

Clogged Drain Repair

We use a HydroScrub treatment for clogged drains. It forces pressurized water down the drain which pushes all the tough materials like grease, oil and other stubborn materials.

Water Line Repair

Waterline repairs should be done as soon as possible before the plumbing issues become a big problem. Cracks, clogging, fissures, and other defects can be the reason for the repair.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer water can also cause damage to your water pipes. If left untreated can cause more damage like water problems in your walls, floors, insulation and can spread mold and bacteria to the walls and floors of the house.

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Maddög Crüsader

Excellent crew and excellent company. They were very professional and responsive. They use high quality product and ensure everything is working properly and the site has been cleaned up. I would highly recommend Capital Plumbing.

Maddög Crüsader

Judy Strang

Tom was amazing as was the response time from Capital Plumbing. He arrived promptly and assessed the situation. No heat and the house was 13 degrees. He fixed the problem and explained everything. This lead me to asking more questions which in turn led to a complete inspection. I couldn’t believe he had time to do it then. He called around to see who had the best value for the part I needed and was able to get it and come back the same day and install it. Amazing service.

Judy Strang

Ian Trace

We were experiencing issues with our tankless hot water system. Dave came out the day after I called and inspected the system and explained our options. We opted to have it replaced and the new system was installed the day after. I was very impressed with both the responsiveness and the professionalism. We will definitely call on them again for any future needs.

Ian Trace

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