The HVAC system stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The importance of this system in any residence cannot be overstated. This system ensures our comfort remains intact by providing heated air during the winter and cool air during the summer. Apart from this, it also gives us access to fresh and clean air, which is very beneficial for our overall health. Adequate care of the entire network forms an integral part of the whole home maintenance duty. Whether you should DIY your HVAC project or hire an HVAC contractor depends on the amount of expertise you have with these systems. It also depends on the equipment you have available to undertake such tasks. However, in general, some of the tasks can be undertaken at the residential level, while some need the expertise of a professional.

Do It Yourself

Replace the Thermostat Batteries

Generally, the thermostat batteries last for 8 to 12 months, but the need may arise sooner in few rare instances. You can replace the batteries yourself by flipping the wall thermostat to find the battery removal slots. Remove the old batteries and replace the new ones in the right direction.

Change the Filters

It is advisable to change the HVAC system’s filters every 6 to 12 months to ensure you have access to clean air. This also improves the efficiency of the entire system. You have first to turn off the heater or air conditioner. Remove the old filter and ensure to take note of the direction of the arrows. Insert the new filter in the same order. In a ceiling-mounted filter, the indicators should face up, while for a filter next to your blower, the arrows should typically point towards the blower.

Clean the Debris

Cleaning debris plays a vital role in ensuring the effective functioning of the HVAC system. You can use hand gloves to carefully remove large pieces of debris while using a vacuum cleaner to suction out dirt and debris from the bottom and around the unit. 

Hire a Contractor

Consider hiring a contractor if you need assistance with the following issues.


If you suspect a leak in any part of the HVAC system, it is advisable to seek help from a professional HVAC contractor immediately. Such leaks, if left unchecked, can prove to be a severe health hazard. Leaks of gases like carbon monoxide not only significantly harm human health but can also be fatal. Leaving such work in the expert hands ensures the work is done effectively. 

Motor-Related Issues

If you face any issue related to the motor, do not put your hands at work. Such tasks require technical help, who have adequate knowledge about the motor’s various issues and how they should rectify them. Keep yourself away from unnecessary shocks and call a professional for assistance.

Preventive and Regular Maintenance

Every appliance is subjected to wear and tear; through preventive maintenance, you can minimize general issues. Also, regular maintenance ensures that even the slightest trouble is fixed before they lead to significant damage. It best to undertake such care to avoid burning a hole in your pocket with ongoing repair costs.

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