A water heater performs the essential function of providing a heated water supply to the taps on demand. A mixing valve allows you to control the water temperature at the delivery point, that is, the shower, bathtub, sink, or wherever you use hot water. Most people have never heard of a thermostatic mixing valve, even though it could help their hot water supply. A thermostatic mixing valve in the water heating system can keep you safe from being dangerously scalded and even save you money. It can be controlled by a rotating dial that helps adjust the temperature up and down as you use the water heater.

Why do You Need a Mixing Valve?

The mixing value is essentially a temperature control value. You can connect it to your hot and cold water lines right above the hot water tank. Previously, many people didn’t install a thermostatic mixing valve on their water heating systems. The thermostat’s initial setting on the heater would remain set up and forgotten once and for all. However, with a mixing valve, you can set your desired water temperature, and then the valve mixes hot water from your tank with regular cold water until it gives you the temperature you want.

You may consider setting the desired temperature directly on the thermostat. Still, there are three fundamental reasons why you should opt for installing a mixing valve in your water heating system. 

Protects You Against Scalding

Even though you have set a fixed temperature, the water heating system can fluctuate. The temperature can go up or down irrespective of what they are set at. Installing a thermostatic mixing valve is one of the best ways to control the water temperature and protect yourself and your family against scalding.

Protects You From Different Diseases

People always consider lowering the water system temperature to protect against scalding, but that can lead to developing a breeding ground for bacteria that cause various diseases. Some dangerous bacteria tend to grow at milder and moist temperatures. In such cases, using a mixing valve comes in handy, as you can set your tank to extra hot and let the valve control the temperature.

Gives You More Supply of Hot Water

If you are using a tank without a mixing valve and set its temperature at 120 degrees, it dispenses the entire hot water from the tank itself whenever you use it. But if you use a mixing valve, you can set your tank at 150 degrees; the valve uses cold water outside the tank to reach 120, which is dispensed at your point of use. In such a way, the water tank can give you hot water for an extended time.

Installation of a mixing valve in your water heating system is a wise choice. In short, it helps you protect against scalding and various other diseases or allergies and also gives you hot water for a more extended period of time. You can get in touch with Capital Plumbing and Heating to guide and help you through the entire installation process. Contact us now!