Just like any other thing in the world, your septic system will not give you any problems if you use it properly and maintain its top condition. However, the system is installed underground—which means you most likely have no way of knowing whether your septic system is damaged already.

To know if your system is already having issues, here are four things you should watch out for as a sign to call for professional plumbing repairs as soon as possible.

Your Drains Have Slowed Down

Your drains will not slow down if there is no blockage in the pipe itself. If you notice your drain performing significantly more slowly than it used to, then that is a sign that there might be a stoppage leading to the septic system.

So, how do you get the obstruction out of the way? If you are thinking of using a drain cleaner, then you are heading the wrong way. Store-bought drain cleaners might contain harsh chemicals that can worsen the condition of your pipes over time. Those chemicals can also easily kill essential enzymes and bacteria in the septic system that assists in breaking down waste materials.

Instead, you should opt for natural products with bacteria and enzymes to eat the gunk inside the pipes. Those products will clean your pipes without damaging them to have no issues after the cleaning session.

Trees or Shrubs Have Grown There

What do trees need to grow aside from sunlight? Water, which is contained in your septic system. If your system has pipe leaks or some condensation, trees will grow from it. This greenery can also get greedy and grow enough to crack your septic pipes so that they can get enough water for themselves. When that happens, dirt will enter your septic system, which will result in highly damaged tubes. 

If you want to plant a tree inside your property, make sure it is considerably far from the septic system. Determine the height when it reaches maturity and put the exact distance between the tree and the septic tank, drain field, and pipes. Be wary of bamboo, pines, and walnut trees because they have aggressive roots that will ruthlessly damage your septic system.

Water Has Pooled Your Yard

Flooding in the yard might happen due to the combination of heavy rainfall and a saturated drain field. This, in turn, leads to the septic tank struggling to drain everything properly.

If excessive rainfall is the reason why water has been pooling all over your yard, then try to lessen the times you use your septic system. This is to give way for it to catch up. If that does not fix the problem, then it is time that you call a plumber. 

Smelling a Rotten Egg 

One of the most common signs that something is wrong is persistent and foul odours. So, if there’s a gross sewage odour surrounding your home, there’s a good chance that your septic system might be a messy situation.

The moment you smell something abnormal, check all possible plumbing fixtures in case there are leaks in your pipes. If you don’t know what to do, you can always call experts to give you their assistance.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance is an essential part of being a homeowner. As part of your routine, you must regularly check your septic system and take care of it properly. There can be multiple problems if it gets damaged—and no one wants that!

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