Out of all the things that make up your home, the pipes are often the most overlooked ones. You’d be surprised at the extensive presence of these pipes within your walls and their overall usefulness on a daily basis. Without them, you wouldn’t have water running out of your taps, be able to drain out dirty water out of your home, or be able to water your plants in the morning!

Indeed, they are living proof that just because you do not see an object’s usefulness on the surface doesn’t mean that you should ignore maintaining it in the long run! In fact, if left unattended, damaged pipes may cause you a whole lot of expenses—and even then, the extensive damage caused by leaks may go beyond your budget for care and maintenance.

“What are the signs that I need to look out for?”

There are too many to mention; however, these are just some of the most obvious ones. Be vigilant in checking for these from time to time:


  •  Weak water pressure


Remember the last time that you’ve opened your tap? Noticed something different? If the water pressure seems a bit lower than before (even when you’ve twisted the knob at the highest level), then it may probably be time to have your pipes checked. 

Unless there is an official announcement of a local community pipe maintenance in your place, don’t take any chances and try to seek out the possible leak. Call your plumber to fix the leak immediately, unless you’d want your bills to skyrocket!


  • Random clogging out of nowhere


There are two things to consider about this. One, your kids may have just been careless enough to put their little toys down the drain—or two, your pipes may have been undergoing corrosion. Corroded pipes tend to clog with their own metal parts, thus, resulting in clogs.


  • Leaks (even through the walls)


There is both bad and good news to this. The good news is that this is easily detectable, even when the pipes are inside your walls. However, the bad news is that your walls will be ruined by the time that the leak has been made visible! It’s not just going to be a matter of replacing your pipes, but it would also be about fixing your walls too.


  • Dirty water


To be specific, if the water that is coming out of your tap is coloured, then something must have gone horribly wrong with your pipes! This is also another sign of corrosion, so it may not be safe to drink or even shower in. There are times in which it may just be attributed to your local water supply, but if the discoloration would last for more than a few days, then it may be time to call the plumber to do a complete check on your pipes.


Be sure to do a routine check on your plumbing, just to make sure that they’re still holding up the test of time. If you’ve just bought a house, it is only natural to sort out every nook and cranny, leaving no stones unturned—most especially your pipes. Remember, fixing a leak as early as now would save you a lot of money in the foreseeable future, and ignoring it would leave you with even more repairs than you’d ever bargained for.

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