Winter is coming. You need to make sure your home heater is working correctly and keeps running properly throughout the winter. You can ensure that by taking care of it and maintaining it well. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of the best home heater maintenance tips.

1) Keep the Air Filter Clean

Keeping the air filter clean is one of the easiest yet most neglected heater maintenance tasks. A clean air filter keeps the air flowing into the heater clean and prevents many performance and efficiency issues that may lead to breakdowns. The best way to keep the air filter clean is by checking and cleaning it once every month. If the air filter is dirty, you should change it, too.

2) Test the CO Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer—it is an odourless, tasteless, and colourless gas that can kill you within minutes of exposure. And, it usually is produced by a malfunctioning home heater. So, it is best to test your CO detectors once every month by ensuring they work and their batteries have enough juice for the month. Most CO detectors have a button to test them, so it is an easy task and must not be overlooked.

3) Allow Air Registers and Exhaust Pipes to Breathe

The air registers of your heater must be sufficiently open at all times while using the heater. If it is blocked by furniture or clothes, it can overload your furnace, leading to many heater issues down the line. In the same vein, your outdoor exhaust pipes must not be blocked by trash or bushes, too. A blocked exhaust pipe can lead to the exhaust gas leaking into your home, which is not safe for your health.

4) Check the Pilot Light Switches

Checking the pilot switch is relatively easy. All you have to do is open the panel to it and see the colour of the flame. If the flame is blue, your heater is running correctly, but it is a sign of inefficiency if it is of any other colour. You need to contact us to have it checked.

5) Clean the Blower and Vents

Like a clean air filter, clean blower, and vents ensure that the warm airflow in your home is efficient. These components often buildup dirt and debris, which can lead to inadequate ventilation and heating. To clean the blower, remove the panel covering the filter and use a damp cloth to clean it. You can use a large brush for the vent to remove the debris on the vent panel and a vacuum cleaner to suck out the debris from the vent.

6) Get It Tuned Up

The best way to maintain your home heater is to have it serviced and tuned up by us before the start of winter. We offer the best maintenance solutions for home heaters in Edmonton to keep it running efficiently for years to come without major issues. Give us a call now.