The efficiency of a home heating system is essential, especially during winter. To ensure its efficiency, it is vital for the heating system to function at its maximum productivity. Installing a quality home heating system is one part of it but avoiding mistakes that can reduce efficiency is another. Here are some common home heating mistakes that you can avoid to maintain your heating system.

1) Heating An Empty House

If you are at work, or out for a vacation, or leaving your home vacant for hours for any other reason, do not keep your heating system on like you usually do. This will only result in hefty bills. Using a programmable thermostat can be very beneficial in this situation. Set the programmable thermostat in such a way that it automatically adjusts the house temperature while you’re away and while you’re present there.

2) Not Changing the Air Filter Regularly

Clean air filters go a long way in determining the air quality and efficiency of the heating system. When the air filter is dirty, the heating system has to work harder than usual, resulting in more energy usage. Change the air filter at least once in three months. If there are smokers in your house, you may have to change the air filter more often.

3) Ignoring Leaks

Never neglect the amount of heat your home could be losing due to leaks. Check if all doors and windows are sealed tight; even if they may be shut, there could be a possibility of leakage. These leaks not just let out warm air from your home but also could let in cold air. The basement and attic would require your closer attention for this.

4) Closing Vents in Empty or Unused Rooms

You may want to close down the open vents in rooms that are empty or unused. However, when you install the home heating system, ductwork is made to provide balanced heat throughout your entire home. Shutting such vents could potentially disrupt the heating balance and build pressure in the system, making it work even harder.

5) Not Using a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are now more beneficial and reliable than ever. They can be used with home automation and are responsible for controlling a home’s heating and ventilation process. Installing a smart thermostat could be a little expensive but definitely worth the investment. It can significantly increase your HVAC system efficiency. Instead of monitoring your heating system, you can relax and let the thermostat do the working.

6) Keeping Exhaust Fans On

Exhaust fans are generally used to take out odor and moisture from the kitchen and bathroom. As soon as the use of exhaust is done, make sure to turn it off because along with the moisture it can also suction out the heat produced by your home heating system.

Apart from these, another serious mistake is avoiding the regular maintenance of your home heating system. Maintenance ensures that your heating system will work efficiently and in good order. For this, especially in Edmonton, you can rely on Capital Plumbing. Be rest assured, we provide quality service in installation, maintenance and repair. Contact us now!