Even modern furnaces will need minor servicing from time to time. Of course, this signifies that older models could require a complete overhaul or a major repair in order to function as they did in the past. Many homeowners and business owners tend to look out for the most common signs that indicate their furnaces might not be performing as they should.

What property owners should know is that there are also some lesser-known signs that can point to issues that can be just as serious. Let us take a look at a handful of these symptoms.

An Extremely Dry Home

Many owners will attribute a dry environment to issues with the thermostat or even the weather. Another problem, however, could be brewing. Older furnaces are no longer able to provide adequate amounts of moisture due to inefficient heating processes.

This can be even further exacerbated if a good deal of dust is present. Anyone allergic to particulates is likely to suffer more than necessary. Should a home feel particularly dry when the heat is on, it is wise to consult a professional furnace service provider such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

The Pilot Light

The pilot light within a furnace should always exhibit a bright blue color. Unfortunately, there are times when this tone can change to orange or yellow. Some will highlight that this may be a sign of an incorrect fuel-to-air ratio, but things can actually be much worse. Yellow and orange pilot lights are associated with the production of a deadly gas known as carbon monoxide.

This is an odorless and colorless substance, so many homeowners only become aware once they feel its effects. In some cases, deaths have occurred as a result of a build-up of this gas. Should your pilot light be burning a yellow or orange color, contact a firm providing professional Edmonton furnace service immediately. Waiting to take action can place you and your entire family in danger.

These are two lesser-known signs that a furnace is in need of repair. As these symptoms are subtle when compared to leaking water or massive amounts of rust, they can often go unnoticed. Still, any changes in the ways that a furnace operates should be examined by an expert in this field in order to encounter the best solution.