As the climate changes, it is imperative that you check your entire plumbing system for it is bound to face specific trouble. Undertaking professional plumbing maintenance either before the season or initially during the season can solve several issues at hand that you may not have noticed. Some of the essential things that you should include in your spring plumbing maintenance checklist are stated below.

Maintenance of Water Heater

The first step to undertake in your spring plumbing maintenance is to call for professional care for your water heating system, as that is one of the most used systems in the winter season. This can help you rectify even the minor issues within the system that cannot be seen otherwise. It is an excellent way to curb potential damages and keep the system’s effectiveness intact.

Repair Pipe Leakages

Always be on the lookout for leaks around the faucets, near the sinks, basement, and any standing water accumulation. Suck leakages lead to moisture in the house, giving a place for moulds and fungus to breed. Even the slightest leaks should be repaired at the earliest to prevent damage to the rest of the plumbing system and improve the energy bills.

Clean Clogged Drains

Irrespective of the season, getting your drains unclogged is vital. Clogged and blocked drains can lead to a slow drainage system and foul odour in the house. Even if you are cautious of what goes into the drains, these pipelines get clogged as they are used daily. Thus cleaning them at least once a week at the residential level and conducting regular and timely professional maintenance is essential. Unclogging the drains increases the effectiveness of the entire plumbing system.

Inspect Sump Pump

Sump pumps do not function in the winter as the outside water is frozen, but this frozen water starts to melt as the season changes. Undertake a complete inspection of the sump pump to ensure that the system is free from any damage and can effectively perform its function. You can do this by pouring a bucket of water around the sump pump area and see if it instantly activates. An unreliable sump pump can cause potential flooding in the basement and affect the plumbing system.

Check Outdoor Plumbing and Draining

Once you’ve checked indoors, do not forget to check the outdoor plumbing and draining system. Ensure the yard drains, downspouts and gutters are free from debris and any other accumulation. Take a look at the exterior faucets to make sure the water is released outdoors properly. Also, inspect the vents and remove any blockages around them.

After you cover the checklist and notice you need professional support, please get in touch with Capital Plumbing and Heating. We have got your spring plumbing maintenance covered as we provide pipe repairs, drain cleaning, sump pump inspection, and every other maintenance support required by the plumbing system.