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May 21, 2015


Summer’s Here, Time for Edmonton Heating Furnace Maintenance Check

June means summer in Edmonton, which means now would be the best time to have maintenance checks done on your furnace by Edmonton heating experts. Doing so will ensure that there are no problems with it when the cold months finally come around.

While it is best to leave furnace maintenance to the professionals, there are some little things that homeowners can do by themselves before turning the job over to them. Homeowners would first want to inspect the furnace setup, look for any damage, and check the thermostat and vents. They must also remember to clean or replace the furnace’s filters to make sure that the circulated air is clean.

Homeowners should also monitor their furnaces for any strange noises, accumulated soot or unnaturally short cycles as any of these could mean that there is a serious problem that should be taken care of before they get the chance to become worse.

The furnace is usually not needed during warm summers, so it is ideal to just turn it off. Even though it is not running, the furnace still uses gas, propane, or electricity which would just unnecessarily increase your bills, which is why homeowners should simply disconnect it during long stretches of warm weather in order to save their money.
For complete and thorough maintenance, homeowners can’t go wrong with hiring a professional.

They can do checks in every area of the furnace setup, which the owner might not be able (or trained) to do. Complete maintenance is necessary in order to ensure that the furnace is kept in good condition and is guaranteed to work well when the warm weather is gone and the cold begins to set in.

There’s no better time to have your furnace looked into than the summer season, so those who want to have theirs checked should get in touch with Spruce Grove heating companies such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Such companies have been in the industry for years and provide the best level of care and repair options for furnaces. Trust in them to get your furnace ready for the cold months to come.

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