Heating may be the farthest thing on your mind right now in the middle of summer, but it’s actually the best opportunity for Edmonton and Spruce Grove residents to have their furnaces worked on by HVAC professional firms like Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Here are some of the things these specialists can do for you.


A thorough inspection of your HVAC system is the first step that a professional would take to ensure that it’s working in top form. There are several places that the inspection would focus on. One spot of concern is the flue pipe which carries exhaust out. A leak there can result in carbon monoxide filling your home. Another aspect is the condition of your burner flames; when the flame is even and blue means that the burners are clean, and if they’re not, this usually means dirt or blockages. Other sections that need to be inspected are your filters and ductwork to ensure that there are no clogs. Furthermore, inspecting the furnace mechanisms like the blower and fan belts helps detect any defects early.


The various parts of your heating system will benefit a lot from cleaning. For example, the air filters that stop dirt from entering your furnace eventually clog up from all the particles that they catch. Any clogging would make it difficult for air to enter which decreases a furnace’s efficiency; thus, cleaning these filters and replacing them would restore them to their original condition. Other parts that need to be cleaned would be the furnace’s burners and blowers, as dirt in these areas will affect how effectively your furnace warms the air and how much energy it uses to do so. You can save money on your energy bills if these crucial components are regularly cleaned.

Repairs and Replacements

If the early inspection detected any problems in your furnace, repairing or replacing the necessary parts should ensure that your furnace is back in top condition. For example, the fan belts of your blower do a lot of work and go through plenty of wear and tear, which eventually results in them getting out of alignment or being worn down. Having these parts adjusted or replaced by professionals would get your furnace back to operating at its best.

Prepare for the Future

The winter months may seem far away, but they’ll eventually arrive. Doing your best to prepare for the cold ensures you will have a comfortable and worry-free winter ahead of you.