In recent years, plumbing has started to become automated. Sensors and warning lights enable us to keep track of the health of our plumbing systems at all times of the day. These features are very useful, however, it is always worthwhile remembering that no matter how advanced your plumbing system is, you will always need to have the number of an Edmonton plumbing company on hand.

Plumbing System

This is to ensure that any plumbing problems are dealt with as quickly as possible by a professional. Below, you can find out about two key types of technical innovation that have helped in revolutionizing the world of plumbing.

Chemical Dosing Pumps

Some homeowners like to add substances to their water, such as chemicals that will remove limescale from their pipes or drain-blocking substances that will stop the plumbing system from getting clogged up and causing flooding. Usually, this is done by hand, but chemical dosage pumps can do this automatically.

Chemical dosing pumps are attached to sensors that can monitor the quality of the water and then automatically add de-scaling substances or pipe-cleaning substances as necessary. You can even set your pumps up via the Internet of Things to automatically order new chemicals online when necessary without having to do anything.

If you need advice on how to use these devices, simply contact professional plumbers who will be able to tell you all that you need to know.

Water Tank Level Sensor

Do you want any easy way to check up on the water levels in your water tank without having to lift the lid? A water tank sensor will enable you to do this with the utmost ease. Warning lights will tell you when water levels dip below a certain point, and if warning lights or alarms sound, you can simply reach for the phone number of a professional who offers plumbing in Edmonton to get the issue sorted out.

Again, if you would like advice on how to set up or use such a sensor – or if you need help with fixing a faulty sensor – then a local plumbing professional like Capital Plumbing & Heating will be more than happy to help you out.