A knocking sound coming from your basement? Don’t worry, it is not a ghost; it is your home heater. Strange sounds coming from your home heater is one of the first signs of home heater failure. And many kinds of sounds can come from your home heater, such as.

Banging Noise

Do you hear a banging sound right after you turn on the thermostat? The banging sound is probably coming from your heater caused by delayed ignition. Due to dirt or ignition issues, the gas builds up for a few seconds within the heater and then combusts, leading to a small explosion that sounds like banging or popping. This is a serious issue, and you should contact us if you notice a banging sound coming from your home heater. This can quickly lead to ignition failure or a carbon monoxide leak in your home.


On the other hand, a squealing noise is much less severe and scary. Squealing is a result of a worn-out or misaligned fan and fan belt. Even though it is not a severe issue, you should not ignore it as it can escalate into a complete home heater failure within a few days. Your fan and fan belt need lubrication and realignment to fix the issue.


Similarly, you may also hear a scraping sound coming from your home heater. Scraping noise comes when the fan has come loose from its mounting or if the bearings are damaged. This sound is often accompanied by slow airflow from the vents. This is relatively common but still a serious issue; it makes your home heater run harder and leads to complete home heater failure if ignored. Plus, it can significantly raise your energy bills.


Lastly, you may hear a slight rumbling from the heater. This does not sound serious as many machines tend to make the rumbling sound, but your heater is not one of them. This is a sign of severe home heater failure. It is caused when the pilot flame is too low, and the fuel is not burning efficiently. If you hear this, you need to first check the colour of the flame. The flame should be blue and not orange or yellow. If it’s not blue, it is not burning right and may be causing a carbon monoxide leak within your home. Carbon monoxide leak is no joke. Quickly shut down the home heater and contact us immediately to fix the pilot switch issue.

Home heater issues may not look serious, but they are one of the most severe problems you may face with your HVAC systems. If your AC fails, you may be uncomfortable for a while; if your humidifier fails, you may sweat more for some time; but if your furnace fails, it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can kill you within minutes. Whatever home heater issue it is, we are certified and trained to fix them. Call us to prevent home heater failures.