As you watch the seasons change, it’s now time to dust off your boots and don your toasty jackets. Winter will soon be here, prompting you to prepare yourself and your home in the best possible way.

Stocking up on cocoa and nutmeg is one thing (and certainly warrants the season), but it’s quite another to invest in winter prepping your home. One of the most important preparations you could ever make is checking up on your furnace. The warm summer months may have caused you to neglect your furnace system, so it may be time to focus on it.

Having your furnace give out in the middle of harsh winter can lead to serious problems, especially since it comes with potentially hazardous situations. Here’s how to know if your furnace needs replacement or repair:

Sign #1: There Is a Sudden Spike in Your Utility Bills

Seeing as your furnace is one of your home’s best features, bear in mind that it needs to remain highly efficient. Any dip in its performance affects your home as a whole. Seeing as the winter months are coming, remember to pay close attention to your monthly bills.

You’ll likely be paying more due to your current furnace use, but if you’re paying more than last year, it might because your furnace needs to get checked. Furnace systems wear out over time, as they cease to perform at optimal levels. Depending on the actual state of your furnace, you may get away with a boost, but oftentimes replacements are necessary.

Sign #2: Your Home Always Remains Chilly

Your furnace is there for a reason—it’s meant to keep your house warm, especially after a quick run to the grocery store that has left your fingers frozen. If you still feel cold indoors, however, your furnace isn’t doing a good job. You may want to have your furnace checked, especially since it may be suffering from air leaks and even a malfunctioning thermostat.

It’s best to bring in a professional, as you risk your furnace breaking down in the middle of freezing nights. You’ll likely need a replacement furnace, especially if you’re experiencing uneven heating.

Sign #3: Your Home Is Always Dusty

A little dust accumulation is always normal, especially if you’ve left things untouched for a while. If your rooms have rapidly been housing dust no matter how much you clean, bear in mind that your furnace may be a culprit. Furnace systems are also designed to remove particles from the warmed air, leaving you with a fresh and warm atmosphere.

To ensure that you’re not dealing with anything serious, opt to check your furnace filter. You may need to either clean or replace it, but make it a habit to switch filters every three months. If that doesn’t solve the problem, however, it’s time to call on the professionals.

Enjoying a Warm and Toasty Winter Season

Various factors come into play when furnaces fail, all of which can either be temporary or permanent. Repairs and replacements are always the best options, as these allow you to enjoy maximum performance level, save on costs, and of course, enjoy the holidays without freezing your fingers off. As you prepare for the holidays, make sure to keep a close eye on your furnace. If something is amiss, never hesitate to call a professional!

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