When a dependable Edmonton and Spruce Grove plumber visits your home, it is highly unlikely that he will come unprepared and ill-equipped—that is, he’s sure to bring with him the important tools of his trade.

Some of them you may already be very familiar with: are wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, files, and the like; however, a plumber also has specific tools that you may not have even seen or heard about. Here are some examples:


No, this doesn’t refer to a certain kind of reptile. If a clog proves too stubborn, plumbers will use what’s called a plumbing snake. This looks like a cone-shaped coil of wire connected to a zigzag-shaped offset crank. To remove a clog, the plumber unrolls the snake and pushes it into the pipe until resistance is felt.

The plumber will then turn the crank to push the snake further into the resistance, and once the clog attaches to the snake, he will pull it back to the surface.

Pipe Cutter

This specialized cutting tool provides the plumber with a manual means of cutting metal or plastic pipes. A sharpened disc protrudes from the center of the cutter’s C-shaped body. A knob on the tool’s exterior allows the plumber to adjust the size of the opening.

To cut a pipe, the plumber loosens the opening, places a pipe inside, tightens the cutting disc onto the pipe, and rotates the tool around the pipe until it is cut.

Basin Wrench

A basin wrench looks like a long metal piece with a small metal bar sticking out perpendicularly at one end, and a claw-shaped piece on the other. It is mainly used to loosen faucet nuts in tight spaces. The claw-shaped piece can rotate 90 degrees to effectively grab faucet nuts at whatever angle.


A level is a fairly common tool, but you may not know that there are different types. Torpedo levels, carpenter’s levels, and line levels are among the kinds of levels frequently used by plumbers. In plumbing, a level is often used to determine the slope of drain pipes.

Knowing how to maximize and use these tools well are part of the job of being an expert plumber. If you have problems with your home’s pipes and drains, a plumber is always at the ready with his tools to come and restore your plumbing system to its proper function.

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