If you’ve spent a hot summer day at home or in your office, without the air conditioner functioning, it’s an experience you certainly do not ever want to repeat. One does not even think about their air conditioner failing until they need it to work and it doesn’t. Repairs can prove to be costly so it is important to make sure that the air conditioners are in tip-top condition through regular checking. It is advisable to be aware of the problems that can arise if you fail to take proper care of your system.

– Refrigerant Problems

When the air conditioning unit stops releasing cold air, the refrigerant or the coolant that passes through the coils begins leaking or malfunctioning. In this case, it is advisable to quickly get your air conditioner repaired by getting a technician to do his job by checking or replacing the refrigerant in the unit.

– Poor Air Flow

Air conditioners essentially move out the warm air over cooling elements before blowing it out into your homes. And in case, the airflow system is interrupted or the blowing power becomes weak one will not be able to get the best experience out of their air conditioner. This interruption is usually caused by unclean air filters with dirt and debris in them, and it can be solved by getting them replaced or cleaned. Make sure to have a regular inspection as it is important to have your annual air conditioner repaired at least once a year.

– Dirt In The Coils

Various parts of your air conditioning unit may accumulate dirt, dust, and other such debris while functioning. And your condenser coil is one of those components. This accumulation of dirt in the system obstructs the expulsion of hot air from the coil and forces your system to work harder to reach the defined temperature. This further leads to overheating of the compressor. Negligence in the compressor-based issues can result in the failure of the complete system so make sure to get your air conditioner repaired from time to time.

– Neglecting Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is essential in terms of your air conditioner’s performance.  A licensed technician can identify potential problems in the system even before they occur.  You need to clean your air conditioning coils and get your system checked at least once or twice a year.  Neglecting to maintain your air conditioner system may also void your manufacturer’s warranty if you do encounter a covered problem.

If your air conditioner does not provide the right cooling or has been running inefficiently, then there is an issue with your air conditioner’s compressor. These issues should never be avoided as in the future they will give rise to other problems and eventually your whole air conditioner unit will stop functioning. If you are looking for a one-time solution to all your air conditioner problems, get in touch with us at Capital Plumbing. Our in-house technicians who are also the experts in the field will diagnose the issue and repair it in a time and cost-efficient manner.