Your home’s plumbing system has pipe insulation that plays a huge role in your home’s comfort and safety. Most homeowners don’t think much about pipe insulation, and that can lead to various plumbing problems over time. If the pipe insulation in your home is old or you’re not even aware if you have it, it’s time to call a top Edmonton plumber.

Plumbing services in Edmonton can help with the inspection and repair of pipe insulation. Here are the fundamentals of pipe insulation that you have to know about.

Energy Savings

Pipe insulation saves you money on energy bills. With insulated pipes, water remains two to four degrees warmer. What this means is that your water heater does not need to work harder to keep the water warm. Consequently, you use up less power, which means that your energy costs go down, even if it’s just a bit. With increasing costs of fuel all over the world, this comes as a welcome relief.

Fewer Repairs

Insulation also works effectively to reduce the formation of condensate on pipes. Condensation on pipes can cause leaks, which can necessitate replacement. Providing the right insulation for your pipes will save you money on pipe repairs.


safety is another benefit that insulated pipes contribute to your home. Exposed hot water pipes pose certain risks to a home’s occupants. Scalding is one of the most frequent accidents people suffer in such cases. Calling Edmonton plumbers to fix the insulation on your pipes will ensure that your family members are protected from these situations.

Frozen Pipes

During the cold season, frozen pipes are some of the most popular issues for homeowners. When the temperatures are too low, ice forms on the outside of the pipes, causing them to crack when hot water runs through. The difference in temperature on the inside and outside of pipes is the cause of this phenomenon. Proper insulation ensures that temperature is regulated even when it’s freezing.

An Edmonton plumber such as those from Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will not only check the state of your pipe insulation but also provide solutions. Don’t hesitate to call if one of your pipe insulation is in need of repair or replacement. It’s a smart investment to make in the long run.