Sewer damage is one of the worst plumbing issues you can face in your home in Edmonton. It can stink up your home, spread diseases, cause mould outbreaks, and is a mess to deal with. No one likes sewer problems, and the best way to avoid them is by knowing what can cause such issues. Here are some of the leading causes of sewer damage.

1) Tree Roots

Root intrusion is a sewer problem that occurs when a stray root around your home finds a way into the sewer line. Tree roots are attracted to nutrient-rich sources, and a sewer line is one of them. Once it gets into the pipe, the root starts growing exponentially, causing severe blockages and even pipe bursts. Unfortunately, there are very few ways of avoiding it—maintain your landscape well, avoid growing trees around the sewer lines, and maintain your sewer line to prevent any kind of leaks that may attract roots.

2) Clogs and Blockages

One of the most common reasons for sewer damage is clogs and blockages. Your home’s sewer line is only designed to handle human excreta and not anything else. You should never flush down things like garbage, toys, diapers, cooking grease, paper towels, and menstrual products. These products do not break down, causing blockages and clogs. If you ever face a sewer backup, clogs and blockages are perhaps the most likely reason for it.

3) Wear and Tear

Sometimes, sewer damage is no one’s fault. It can occur over time due to corrosion, sediment and mineral buildup, or weakening of pipes. In some places, even the natural soil movement can cause damage to the sewer lines; soil impacting can cause low spots, raptures, or leaks in the sewer line. General sewer maintenance and monitoring can go a long way in helping, but you must remember that sewer lines have a limited lifespan.

4) Rodents

The unlikely cause for sewer damage is rodents. They burrow underground and, if they find a way in your sewer lines, they can turn small cracks into big cracks, damage the joints, and even nest within the pipeline. Rodent infestation in sewers—even though it is not so common—can be a nuisance to deal with.

5) Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many people use chemical drain cleaners to clean their drain and sewer lines, but you should never use them. Chemical drain cleaners contain toxic and harsh chemicals that can damage your sewer lines from within and cause them to break down. What’s more, they are also quite bad for your health, and they may end up in the local water bodies, damaging the ecosystem. 

Now that you know what can cause sewer damage you can now deal with the problems swiftly. We suggest you contact Capital Plumbing for a timely check and maintenance of your sewer system. We use high-tech tools like snake cameras to check and diagnose your sewer lines.