Winter is still far ahead but it is a smart decision to have your heating system looked at by professional plumbers as early as now. Apart from the fact that temperatures can drop fast during bad weather in Alberta, particularly in the Spruce Grove area, a lot of unwanted issues with your furnace may surface during winter when it’s too late for repair.

Meanwhile, if your furnace is showing signs of the need for replacement, by all means, replace it just to make sure that the new unit will be in time for the cold season. The question is how do you know when you need a new furnace? Following is a list of the most apparent indicators that a replacement should be underway.
5 signs its Time for a Furnace Replacement in Edmonton

When the Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old

There are several signs that your furnace is too old for its job. When the burner flame starts flickering or has a yellow color instead of blue, it means the equipment is old and dying. Old furnaces also use more energy than newer ones, so expect your energy bills to be higher than other households with newer units. Keeping an old furnace is dangerous, as it can cause fire and gas leaks, so when you see those signs consider replacement right away.

The Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A furnace that is already falling apart or with unrepairable damage may leak carbon monoxide into your home. CO is an invisible gas that can cause a range of health issues, including brain damage, heart illnesses, major organ dysfunction, and cognitive problems. Because CO is invisible, it might be too late before you realize that your family’s slowly depleting health is caused by this gas leaking from your furnace. So when your family is starting to experience health problems with unexplained origins, consider replacing your furnace.

You Started Traveling a Lot Longer and More Often

If your family enjoys traveling for at least a couple of days to a week, you should consider installing a furnace with a programmable thermostat. Unfortunately, old furnaces don’t have this feature, which is why you should install a new one. A thermostat allows you to control your furnace by lowering its temperature throughout the period you are not at home. This will keep your furnace from burning up while you’re away and keep your home temperature comfortable until you get back.

Repair Becomes More Frequent

Are you calling in a technician to repair your furnace more often than before? This could mean some of the parts of the furnace are already dilapidated, hence the constant malfunction and need for repair. While replacing the unit may seem costlier than having it revamped, when the repair becomes more frequent, you will realize that you could have saved more by replacing the old unit than trying to save it despite the fact that it will have to go soon anyway.
When you see these signs, don’t hesitate to call a professional technician to confirm your suspicion. Have your heating system replaced and updated right away to make your home comfortable again.