A large portion of household budgets across the country goes into heating bills, especially during colder months. If you want a comfortable home, you need to allot enough in your budget for heating. It can be quite a financial challenge to families with fixed incomes and those who just get by.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are tips and tricks you can apply to lower your heating bill. Though they seem quite simple, you may be surprised by how much they can help you save money.

Invest in Weatherstripping

Drafts around doors and windows can let in cold air and lose warm air. This forces homeowners to turn up their furnaces, making it work harder than they should. Drafts can result in up to 12% of heat loss. To avoid them, replace worn and torn weatherstripping, which creates drafts where energy escapes. Weatherstripping should be replaced every few years. Make sure you keep track of it. Replacing it isn’t difficult. Strip all of the old ones off and follow the instructions on installing the new ones.

In relation to leaks and holes, examine windows and doors around your house to make sure that there are no areas where heat can escape and cold air can sneak in. Cover the leaks and holes to avoid your heating system from working too hard.

Use an Upgraded Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can significantly cut down your heating bill by regulating the temperature in accordance with when you either need or don’t need a lot of heat. For instance, you can set it to lower the temperature when no one is at home or when people are sleeping. For example, turning the temperature down by roughly 15 degrees for eight hours can translate into at least 10% energy savings.

Advanced, programmable thermostats can adjust heat output without a manual set each time. It can engage when you are in the home and disengage or lower the heat when you leave the house. It can also engage the heat just before you arrive at home from work or wherever. It, therefore, allows you to reduce your energy consumption by greater margins than other methods.

Free Heating Registers of Obstructions

Also pay attention to your heat registers, whether on the floor or inside wall panels. Obstructions, furniture items, and excessive lint can impede heat flow, thereby disrupting the consistency of warmth throughout the house. To ensure a clear path for your heat flow, move those pieces of furniture sitting on top of a register or any other objects and debris that impede flow. Your home will heat all the faster and your heating unit will not be overworked.
Last but not least, periodically hire a professional in Stony Plain to inspect your heating system and conduct any repairs that signify a potential breakdown. These tips don’t consume a lot of time and can noticeably reduce your energy bills.