Your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently throughout the summer months. And the first step in maintaining your air conditioner is understanding all its components, so you can clean them, figure out any problems that may arise, and address them on time. Here are the main parts of your air conditioner.

Air Filter

While an air conditioner can function without an air filter, it is still an essential part of the air conditioning system. It is responsible for keeping dust, dirt, and debris from entering the AC and damaging the sensitive components. It is also a part which needs regular replacement as it gets dirty often. If you have a problem with your AC, especially if the airflow is low or power bills are high, you should first check the air filter.


Think of a thermostat as the brain of your air conditioner. It is the unit’s control center that reads the indoor air temperature and controls the functioning of the air conditioner accordingly; it controls the temperature of your house. The thermostat is also responsible for turning the air conditioner off and on to maintain the temperature. If it is faulty, it can fluctuate the temperatures and even result in higher energy bills.


The compressor is a vital component in the overall cooling system as it takes the heat present in the air and directs it outside. It allows the cooled air to then circulate within the room. The compressor carries out this process by turning the refrigerant gas into a liquid, releasing the heat in the process. It should be checked and maintained at least once a year because if it breaks, it can render the air conditioner useless.


Just like the compressor, the condenser is another crucial part of the air conditioner. It extracts heat from the indoor unit and transfers it to the outside. It is made of hollow coils, through which the refrigerant gas runs. This component is vulnerable to corrosion over time due to moisture.


The last step of the cooling process occurs in the evaporator coils. This is where the refrigerant liquid (converted in the condenser) enters the evaporator that turns it back into a gaseous state. This process allows the cooling cycle to return to the beginning. The evaporator can collect dust particles over time, which can reduce its efficiency. So you must always have it maintained regularly.

Outside Fan

The fan located on the outdoor unit of the AC is often overlooked, but it plays a significant role in the cooling process. It helps cool the condenser coils and gets rid of the heat emitted from the same. If they break down, they can reduce the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. Lucky for you, they are quite easy to clean using basic tools like a cloth and a brush!

If even one of these parts breaks down, it can make it difficult for you to be comfortable. If you notice a problem with any of them, or if it’s been long since the last service, contact Capital Plumbing in Edmonton. We will dispatch our experienced technicians to check, service, and repair your entire air conditioning system.